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 Daily and Jumm'a Prayers

 In addition to the five daily prayers, our Masjid currently holds two Jumm'a congregations.

 Ramadan, Iftar and Eid

 During Ramadan, Taraweeh Prayers are led by Imam Bashir, who is a Hafiz, and a recitation of the Qur'an is completed in the holy month. The Masjid holds free Iftar every evening and weekend Iftars attract huge gatherings. Eid Prayers are held on the Soccer Field and a Community Eid Breakfast is usually followed by children's activities and family fun.

 Part Time Hifz Program

Our Part Time Hifz Program has been operating since 2015. There have certainly been challenges and the Hifz students have struggled to attend the classes especially after the Pandemic when everyone was forced to go virtual.

 Qur'an Reading

Quran Reading sessions are available for youth and adults with flexible scheduling. Individuals and families can contact the Imam to set up Quranic lessons during weekdays or weekends.

 Funeral and Burial Services

Columbia Muslim Cemetery is managed by MNH and comprises of two separate parcels of land. While the current cemetery is a relatively smaller one, the second parcel covers 27 acres, both being located barely 5-6 miles from the Masjid. A purpose built body washing station is located on the Masjid premises. Full range of burial services is available at very reasonable prices while deserving cases receive heavily discounted or free services.

 Weekend Islamic School

After a break of a few years due to the Pandemic, MNH has restarted its popular Weekend Islamic School in academic year 2023. The school attracts children from very diverse backgrounds and ethnic origins. After their classes, children are provided free pizzas for lunch and the program ends with Dhuhr Salah.

 Social Welfare Program

Thanks to our generous donors, MNH is blessed with a very robust and well established Social Welfare Program. Individuals and families receive financial assistance on need basis while the Masjid has frequently sent significant amounts of donations to countries affected by natural calamities and disasters. In recent years, such donations have gone to Afghanistan, Palestine and Pakistan.

 Sports and Outdoor Facilities

MNH has a large soccer field that also holds two cricket pitches. Besides, we have two basketball courts, one of which is often used as a badminton court as well. The soccer field is frequently used for volley ball which is very popular with our Afghan community. We have plans to start cricket coaching this spring, under the mentorship of a state level cricketer from our own Community.

 Youth Programs &  Junior Jumm'a

Our Masjid has a comprehensive range of programs for our youth. Besides the sports facilities described above, the most significant program is known as Junior Jumm'a where different age groups of youth participate in various activities, group discussions, Islamic character building, leadership training and much more. Youth speech competitions on various themes and topics are usually organized at quarterly intervals. For the first time, in February 2024, a Youth Conference was organized by MNH that featured well known motivational speakers and attracted participants from the Carolinas as well as Georgia. The second Youth Conference is to be held, God Willing, during the Presidents' Day weekend.

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