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Over the years, MNH has been consistently organizing events, seminars, workshops and youth speech competitions on community related themes. We now have a FAMIlY NIGHT every month, with a variety of themes, usually on the last Saturday of the month. We have just started our mid-month program on Qur'an Series wherein an overview of Qur'anic Surahs is presented by youth, guided by the Imam and intellectuals of the community. A new series of programs called 'Shaykh Adly Lecture Series' has been started in January 2024, thus bringing our Imams and Community Leaders together for the benefit of our beautiful community.

Masjid Noor Ul Huda 
Dream Project Fund Raiser 
517 Winmet Dr
Columbia, SC 29203

Saturday, MAR 16, 2024



Guest Speaker

Shaykh Mounzer Taleb

Please join with Family and Friends

And earn Infinite Rewards!!!

Past Events
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