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Dream Project

The Dream Project was conceived around 2017 to build a multipurpose facility for our growing community. While the first phase comprising of infrastructure was completed in 2021, we are currently in the permitting stage and ground breaking is expected very soon. The Masjid grew from a small 2.5 acre piece of land to the present nearly nine acre parcel, which is perfect for the Dream Project. Essential components of the Dream Project are as follows:


 The central component of the Project will indeed be a large enough Masjid. Over the years, our congregation has grown from less than 50 to the current 250 plus; consequently, we already have an overflow of congregants who are praying on the lawns. Our projections indicate that we shall have over 500 congregants in just a few years time, hence we require a sufficiently large facility for the next 25 - 30 years. In fact, we visualize the Main Masjid to be a 3-in-1 facility, that is a Prayer Hall which can be used as a Banquet Hall or an Event Space as well as a Gym for healthy entertainment of our youth and adults.


Islamic School

The bulk of our community comes from low to medium income groups. We also have a significant refugee component - we have a large number of Afghan, Rohingya and Syrian families, hence the need for an affordable Islamic School.

Hifz School

MNH has been operating a Part Time Hifz Program since 2015. We have certainly faced challenges relating to lack of consistency,  especially during and after the pandemic era, but NOW is indeed the right time to plan for a full time Hifz Program. Apparently, there is no Hifz Institution in close proximity, the nearest one being in Atlanta, Georgia. Hence, our Hifz Program could also serve the aspirant Hifz students in this region.

D'awah Center

In partnership with PICNA - Peace and Integration Council of North America, our D'awah Program has steadily grown over the past ten years. Together, we have organized Interfaith Harmony Month Programs in January of each year, besides our very popular Ramadan Sharing event. By the Grace of God Almighty, hundreds have embraced Islam at our Masjid over the recent years. Hence the plan to have a well equipped D'awah Center-cum-Library as an essential component of our Dream Project.


Media Gallery

Architectural renderings of our dream project

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