"Allahu Akber Allahu Akber La ilaha illalah, Allahu Akber Allahu Akber La ilaha illalah, Allah hu Akber Allah hu Akber Wa lillahil Hamd."

EID Mubarok! Eid Ul Fitr will be on June 25th 2017. Prayer will be at 9am sharp.

On the basis of reliable and authentic evidence of moon sighting received from Chile & Gyana, Masjid Noor Ul Huda hear by declares Sunday June 25th 2017 as 1st of Shawaal and therefore Eid Ul Fitr will be celebrated on Sunday.


EID prayer will start at 9am sharp, followed by breakfast.

You are encouraged to bring a covered dish one for MEN’s side and the other for WOMEN’s side.
Lunch will be served as well around 1pm. There will be few air floats as well for the children to enjoy all day, InshaAllah.

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