"Allahu Akber Allahu Akber La ilaha illalah, Allahu Akber Allahu Akber La ilaha illalah, Allah hu Akber Allah hu Akber Wa lillahil Hamd."


Ramadan 2014 – Reflections

Ramadan was here and is almost gone. May Allah reward everyone’s sincere efforts in making the most of this month. During Ramadan 2014 at Masjid Noor-Ul-Huda, here is a summary of all that happened: The Muslim community came together in…Continue Reading →

Ramadan 2014 Programs

MNH invites all you to bring out your family, relatives, youth, and friends to participate in the Ramadan Programs at MNH. We are very glad to announce the following programs during Ramadan 2014 Insha’Allah for the entire Muslim Community in…Continue Reading →