Mawlid un Nabi 2014 Greetings

Assalamu'Alaikum (Peace be with you)!

Welcome to Masjid Noor-Ul-Huda (MNH) of the Greater Columbia Region of South Carolina. It is our honor to welcome you to the official website of MNH. Insha'Allah, our goal for developing this website is to provide an easy platform for the community to access information about the various programs of religious and social significance that are hosted for the community members by MNH.

Most importantly, we would like to communicate to everyone that MNH is open for five daily prayers in congregation every day of the year. We humbly invite you to populate the Masjid for congregational daily prayers and various other activities.

Abu Hurairah (radi Allahu anhu) reported that the Messenger of Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said:
" He who purifies himself (performs Wudhu) in his house and then walks to one of the houses of Allah (Masjid) for performing an obligatory prayers (Salat), one step of his will wipe out his sins and another step will elevate his rank (in Jannah-Paradise). " [Sahih Muslim]

May Allah, through his infinite mercy, guide us all towards success in this world and the hereafter, and forgive us our transgressions and shortcomings.